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Well, this is it people. I’ve been waiting all week eagerly so I can finally reveal the award winners. For the most part 2016 has been both questionable and masterful year for film, but looking into the current releases of 2017, I’m certain that we are going to witness cinematic gold in 2017. People are planning their new years resolutions and mine this year is for the reviews to be more informative and with sublime quality.

Without further ado, here are the winners for The Sean McConville Reviews 2016 Awards…


Best Film of 2016


Winner: Swiss Army Man


Swiss Army Man did something that no other film did this year, and it is something that only comes once in a blue moon. When I walked out of the cinema after seeing this masterpiece from The Daniels, I was not the same person who to who walked in. Swiss Army Man’s deeper meaning had me reflecting on the way I was living my life, and when you experience an epiphany about yourself, it is truly a euphoric feeling.

The film itself was a genius concept that was edited incredibly well with a soundtrack that I keep listening to repeatedly on my phone. Out of the millions of films that have been released since the dawn of cinema, there are only a couple that I would call masterpieces, Swiss Army Man is now one of them.



Worst Film of 2016


Winner: Nine Lives


Every year there seems to be that one film who creation is beyond comprehension, this year Nine Lives beyond a shadow of a doubt earns this perspective. The fact that Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner, three well respected actors had to take part in this unfunny family comedy rock me to my core.

You would get more laughs out of a funny cat video on YouTube than you would this piece of cinematic garbage. The worst part about this Barry Sonnenfeld directed abomination is the scene in which Kevin Spacey’s son in the film realises he can’t save his father company and then attempts to commit suicide. Suicide! In a family comedy! This film had five writers did none of them think this was a bad idea. Nine Lives is a stain on cinema that should have been removed the moment it was pitched.



Most Disappointing Film of 2016


Winner: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Yep, you called it, how could Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice not be the most disappointing film of 2016. Everyone has so much expectation for this film, I’m surprised that Zack Snyder didn’t crumble under the pressure and weight that this film carried so hats off to him. One could say that the hype, which was this film greatest strength was also it’s downfall.

Don’t get me wrong, the film has it great moments, Ben Affleck as Batman was well praised by even the most critical of DC fans and the films action scenes, while choreographed to the point of insanity, still managed to earn out attention. However, the film overall, started off a fuse that carried on to Suicide Squad and has placed many superhero film fanatics in a state of worry every time DC release a film.



Best Animated Film of 2016


Winner: Kubo and the Two Strings


2016 was a fantastic year for animation, if I wasn’t so restrictive on my categories, three of the film nominated in this category would also be in the running for best film of 2016. Kubo and the Two Strings would be amongst them. This was the film that Laika Studio’s had been waiting for, the film that could finally put them amongst the most respected animation studios.

The papercraft and origami styled stop motion blended perfectly together and it also had an engaging story that both young and older audiences could get behind and root for Kubo to complete his quest. The voice acting was superb and the narrative was well sewn and was the first film on this website to earn a very valuable ‘value approved’ sticker.



Surprise of the Year


Winner: Pete’s Dragon


Pay attention Barry Sonnenfeld, this is how to make a family comedy enjoyable. I saw Pete’s Dragon with low expectations, I’m not going to lie, but the friendship between Pete and Elliot his dragon was so adorable that it almost shocked me with its adorableness. The real family selling point is that the film is set at a pace and tone that it lighthearted and entertaining reflecting the physical appearance of the dragon itself and changing in sync with Elliot.

Overall, it was a great watch and it has boosted my confidence ever so slightly for the many Disney classics that are getting the same treatment as this film.



The “Meh” Award


Winner: The Infiltrator


Did you miss The Infiltrator this year? I could have. The only reason I chose to review this was because I didn’t really want to sits amongst the mothers that populated screenings of Bridget Jones’ Baby. Instead I decided to change it up and in hindsight, I should have probably put up with Renèe Zellweger. You only need to look at The Infiltrator’s abysmal box office takings to see how well this film performed. Not even Bryan Cranston’s intimidating performance and Breaking Bad fame could attract audiences.

I appreciate the film for having a crack at being another take on an undercover film which it succeeds at being, and for having incredible sound design for those brief moments of drama, but you could nip to the toilet and come back practically not have missed anything. The Infiltrator is a film destined to pop up on your Netflix recommended page that you’ll probably skip unless there was nothing else.



The One to Watch Award


Winner: Mel Gibson


This was the most difficult of all to decide, I could have gone with a rising star and a future household name, but I can’t resist a comeback story and this year Mel Gibson had the greatest comeback story of all. I said in my review of Blood Father that it was the beginning of a slow climb back into the limelight for Mel Gibson’s future, since then however, he has climbed back into the limelight, rather he has seemingly leapfrogged into it with Hacksaw Ridge.

Although this film isn’t release in the UK until next month, it has already earned its place in many people’s top 10 list and at the time of this review, places 91st on IMDb’s top 250 films of all time. I can’t wait to see what Mel Gibson has it store for us next and hopefully he can shake off his troubled past and earn the people’s forgiveness.


Most Anticipated Film of 2017


Winner: Blade Runner 2049


With many big franchises returning to our cinema’s this year and many films from masterminds of the industry, asking people to choose their most anticipated film of the year was possibly the hardest question to answer. However, my expectation we’re torn apart because of all the people I talked to and asked to name their most anticipated film of 2017, one film kept coming up.

The surprise sequel of Ridley Scott’s 1982 masterpiece has become a film that has cemented itself amongst a demonstration of the excellence of film craftsmanship. One can only hope that Blade Runner 2049 will be able to achieve the same. With Harrison Ford returning, Denis Villeneuve at the director’s helm and legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, the future seems bright for Ridley Scott’s vision.


And that concludes the blog, looking forward to bringing you all more reviews in 2017.

See you all soon.



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