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Hello to all reading. There have been nominees so there must be winners. Every film mentioned in my previous post are all deserving of their nomination, but unlike the Academy Awards, SMReviews doesn’t muck up the winners. Therefore, put on your big boy pants as we look at the films that have earned the title of their nominated category.

Again as previously disclaimed in my previous post, these are my own OPINIONS. If you have a different film that you feel should have won or if you agree with the choice, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s get crackin’…


Best Film of 2017


Where do you start with this one? Hugh Jackman’s final hoorah to the Wolverine character may yet have been the departure of the decade with one of his greatest performances as the character. Logan was the long-awaited silence of the outcry from fans demanding a more gory, bloody Wolverine story which they got, and it was marvellous. From the moment the first scene commences, you know everything you need to know about that world of Logan and all director James Mangold asks of you, is to rest in your seats and go with it. Logan is the greatest Marvel film to date and it isn’t even part of the MCU, that says a lot.


Worst Film of 2017

The Mummy

Yeah. In a year when we had films about a not-so-kinky relationship and ideograms on your phone, it is a Tom Cruise reboot of a classic monster horror film that takes this year venomous cake. The Mummy is the pitiful representation of everything that is wrong with modern Hollywood and how quick Hollywood executives are to exploits you for your hard-earned money. As soon as the film declared it was part of the new Dark Universe I knew I was in for an experience, but the journey I went on with this film was one of rage and outright disgust. Not only have Universal managed to put the future of the Dark Universe on thin ice, but it has also taken a huge stinker on its own legacy by damaging the anticipated return of classic Universal monster movies.


Most Surprising Film of 2017

Wonder Woman

The DC extended universe was in a state of disrepair by the time Wonder Woman hit the big screen, we knew what we were all expecting when we saw this for the first time. Boy we were wrong. Wonder Woman managed to claw some life out of DC property by telling a story that never got distracted by how visually stunning it had to look (except maybe for the final third of the film). It also threw away many superhero film tropes like setting up for future instalments out of the window because Patty Jenkins understood the importance of the now, and now we can all safely say that Wonder Woman has plugged back the life support machine that was attached to the DC extended universe so that it can breathe just that little bit longer.


Most Disappointing Film of 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Old, corny spy films was the gem of nostalgia that we never knew we needed, that’s what the first Kingsman film provided back in 2014 provided and it was a hoot and a half. Kingsman: The Golden Circle on the other decided that it didn’t need the homage that made it famous, and instead thought that it could get away with being another spy/action film for the sake of being a sequel. I still uphold the claim that it can still be fun to watch, but we knew it was lacking something when it caught on that it still wouldn’t honour the old bond films. From the uninspired writing of character to some very cringeworthy moments (Festival scene) my excitement for future Kingsman films is now a cautious one.


The “Meh” Award

The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending was in no way a terrible film, in fact I would say it is a solid British film debut for director Ritesh Batra. The Sense of an ending has an interesting story however, the approach of this story is too mundane. Now this maybe what the film was intending to do, but the way that it goes about doing it make audiences disinterested which is a shame because behind the mundane curtain a faithful adaptation of the book is going on. Even if the film’s dialogue might not be up to scratch and the plague of a dragging feel is present. The Sense of an Ending still deserves you time, providing there’s nothing else on.


The “One to Watch” Award

Jordan Peele

It seems that everyone is placing Get Out in their top 10 list today, including me. But I want to talk about the man behind it and the extremely bright future that Jordan Peele has placed in Hollywood. Having already made his mark alongside Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele has just broken the barrier to his potential as a fantastic director. He may just have found a style of horror that he can claim for his own, a director’s identity if you will. I think with Get Out, Jordan Peele being already an accomplished comedian knows the importance of timing and it is this knowledge that he applied to the scary element of Get Out, which can also be used with great ferocity in future projects. Now he has created the buzz his name will instantly sell any production and all we can say to him is good luck.


Most Anticipated Film of 2018

Reader’s Choice – Solo: A Star Wars Story


SMReviews Choice – Creed II


So there you have it, we are now journeying into the realm of 2018, what fantastic, mesmerizing and/or abominations will the world of film churn out for us this year? I’m hoping that you’ll all take that journey with me as I continue to review film with that special view that only SMReviews can offer.

Onward we go!






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