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Hello all. When I posted my earlier blog Essentials for Film Students (link here:¬† I was met with very positive feedback. I wanted to continue making these kinds of posts as a continuing series and also something I could enjoy researching and writing as well as unique and informative. That’s why I am proud to announce a new blog series called Filmin’ Round the World will be coming to SMReviews.

I have always had a fascination with the history of film and while what I already know has helped me in the past, I feel as though I have only scratched the surface on this industry’s rich background. I also felt my knowledge of world film history could also do with a bit of an upgrade.

That’s where Filmin’ Round the World come in. In this series I will be looking at the vast history of the film industry in countries across the globe. From the giants of this industry to the newcomers, you may be surprised by what you discover along the way.

I’m hoping that this blog series can be both insightful and fascinating as we discover the history of film together.

Filmin’ Round the World will be premiering on SMReviews soon. Be on the lookout and as a taste of what’s to come, I have posted a little hint to where and when we start our journey.

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